Fee Share

At the moment, the ebox On-Chain Escrow is entirely free to use, only network gas fees need to be paid.
With the upcoming release of v2, a service fee will be introduced for users.
Partners looking to integrate the ebox On-Chain Escrow into their platform will be given a negotiable share of the generated revenue that they're responsible for.
Curious? Let your users profit from increased everyday safety while forming a partnership you can count on, bringing you an additional income stream.
Feel free to contact us and inquire about business opportunities around the ebox On-Chain Escrow!

Service Fee Model

The exact details are yet to be elaborated, in accordance with the following key parameters:
  • Users pay service fee at every transaction
  • Always free below a certain transacted amount
  • Fee is based on the amount of EBOX tokens held
  • Integrating partners get fee share