In-Wallet Staking

This section is currently under construction. More information will be added shortly. In the meanwhile, kindly contact us or see the ebox Whitepaper v2.
Enabling users simply hold tokens inside their wallets rather than locking in a smart contract, the ebox In-Wallet Staking system is genuine innovation made available for your project.
User-side transaction fees are reduced to zero, while maximizing safety for user tokens: Even in the case of malicious intent, there is absolutely no possibility anyone can take away user tokens.
Revolutionizing the way users interact with crypto staking, the ebox staking model is highly customizable and guaranteed to fit (almost) every vision.

How Does It Work?

Through an elaborate server software developed specifically for this purpose, ebox can track the historical user balances of any given token since its generation until the present day.
Using this data, the same results as with conventional staking are achieved: Staking means rewarding users for holding your token, and this is exactly what the ebox In-Wallet Staking system does.
To make things more interesting, more than just a single token can be tracked. This enables giving bonuses based on holding partner tokens, providing DEX liquidity, being a faithful long-term holder, and more.
As an example, see the deployment of ebox's own In-Wallet Staking instance:

Included Services

  • Personal consultation to establish needs, wishes and possibilities
  • Setup of staking instance according to consultation
  • Support & guidance with integration
  • Running staking instance on ebox servers
  • Ongoing server maintenance
  • Support for all occuring matters (marketing, technical, requesting changes, etc)