The ebox In-Wallet Staking system is highly customizable and offers many different possible scenarios. As such, the costs for running a staking instance can vary depending on your project's needs.
Kindly get in touch with us in order to discuss all relevant details and establish a suitable pricing model.
In the future, staking instances will be deployable in a fully automated manner through an easy-to-use dashboard, providing pricing in a shop-like interface.

Fee Structure

Each staking instance starts off as a first-year package, which can be extended by multiples of one month. This first-year package consists of a one-time setup fee and 12 monthly fees, to be paid in advance (see payment terms below).
One-time setup fee
$ 5000
Monthly fee
$ 400
First-year package
$ 9800
In the first month after launch, any changes within a common-sense margin are included free of charge. After this period, changes to the staking instance will be charged (pricing is subject to individual discussion).
We are open to pricing discussion and negotiation – For special offers and/or longer-term interest, a mutually beneficial business relationship is just a good conversation away!

Payment Terms

Payment is accepted in cryptocurrency stablecoin (USDT, USDC etc).
Advance payment of 50% is required after the initial consultation, with the other 50% following after your staking instance is up and running.
Monthly / recurring fees are expected to be paid before the beginning of each month / period of time.